The District

Oregon District 3 consist of 6 Counties in the North Eastern quadrant of the State.

The District Emergency Coordinator (DEC), Emergency Coordinators (EC), Asst. Emergency Coordinator (AEC), Offical Emergency Stations (OES), and the local County ARES/RACES membership. As a Team, each group servicing state and local government agencies, in providing supplemental communications for emergencies and disaster assistance missions, along with volunteer organizations who would request communication support in performing their public service activites.

Any of the Oregon Districts can serve as a coordination point between neighboring jurisdictions and/or state response operations.

District 3 Personnel

Oregon District 3 ARES Emergency Coordinator: (un-assigned)

District 3 ARES/RACES Personnel:

Gilliam County EC: Todd Terp

Wheeler County EC: Todd Terp

Umatilla County EC: Alan Polan, KE4TRR
Umatilla/Morrow County Website

Morrow County EC: Don Dratyon, AA7DD
Umatilla/Morrow County Website

Union County EC: David Jensen W7DFJ

Wallowa County EC: (un-assigned

Morrow County OES: Dennis Wall, KD7KSW

Gilliam County OES: Robin Faulkner, N7GSU

Wallowa County OES: Scott Hampton, KB7DZR
KB7DZR Website