The Umatilla/Morrow Emergency Service Radio Operators® (UMESRO) , a unit of the Oregon ARES®/RACES structure, is a non-profit public service Amateur Radio Communications unit that provides to Local, County, and State organizations of Umatilla and Morrow County, an Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) for emergencies or during situations that may dictate a need for supplemental Radio Communications. Some of UMESRO's operating practices, is partly based from the operation procedures that are set by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Field Services Organization, the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®), and guidelines set by Federal, State, and County Emergency Management.

Together with the stipulation as directed in the FCC Rules of the Amateur Radio Service under part 97, and all of subpart E, UMESRO also performs the role of RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service). Whereby dedicated Licensed Amateur Radio Operators, who are trained and registered with County Emergency Management and or State Emergency Management as a viable resource of Volunteers, whose primary function is for Auxiliary Emergency Radio Communications when the need arises. Limiting it service as a priority to government agencies for Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, and or Civil Authorities for whether Local, Tribal, State or Federal.

For Futher Information Contact: Umatilla-Morrow County ARES®/RACES

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